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Suspension Systems

What suspension systems does MAD offer?

If more is required of the vehicle chassis, we offer the solution with our suspension systems. In close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers and conversion companies, we design coil and air suspension systems for the most diverse applications. Whether it is a car with caravan, van, pick-up, camper, minibus or ambulance. Our suspension systems ensure that comfort, driving characteristics and safety remain optimal even in these conditions. So the driver's safety is always guaranteed and he can use the vehicle as he wishes.

MAD suspension systems:

For more information, please visit our product pages or view the catalogues.

What are the advantages of the suspension systems from MAD?

It is important to us that the suspension system is optimally tuned to the driver's desired situation. This is why we offer the most extensive range of suspension systems for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. This means that we can recommend the most suitable system for every situation.

Our suspension systems offer many benefits to the driver and passengers:


  • A comfortable and relaxed ride for driver and passengers under all circumstances.
  • Optimal comfort, both in laden and unladen situations, thanks to an increased suspension travel.
  • Continuous and fully automatic ride height adjustment with Air Master Ultimate.


  • Optimal grip for front-wheel-drive cars.
  • Increased vehicle stability, as crosswinds have less impact on vehicle stability.
  • An appropriate suspension system leads to improved road holding and vehicle control.


  • MAD suspension systems are approved by independent certification bodies: RDW & TÜV.
  • Thanks to a constant tow ball height, a vehicle combination is prevented from swaying.
  • Optimal stability and road handling in different or changing conditions, both loaded and unloaded, increases safety for driver and passengers.

Easy to fit.

Highest quality in every respect

For more than 45 years, our customers and end users have chosen MAD and we are proud of that. In Veenendaal (the Netherlands), we ensure on a daily basis that we keep our promise worldwide. There, in close cooperation with our partners, we develop and manufacture solutions that meet international automotive standards. Moreover, our business processes are certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and EU 2018/858 Directive (CoP). In addition, our suspension systems have a TÜV/KBA certification. With this, we guarantee the highest quality.

Do you have a question? Then we are here for you. Please contact us:
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We are certified for: ISO 9001, TÜV and Conformity of Production (CoP).

When do you need a new type of suspension system?

Although manufacturers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles provide an excellent basis, sometimes this is not enough. When more is asked of a vehicle's chassis, we offer the solution with our suspension systems. For example, when a vehicle is continuously loaded, to compensate for weight, when using a tow bar, when adding bodywork, a tail lift or truck mounted crane, with a long overhang, etc.

Suspension Systems of MAD

Coil suspension systems

Air suspension systems

Examples of situations

Passenger cars and commercial vehicles that are always heavily loaded, have varying loads, require an adjustable ride height or extra comfort.

Examples of situations or vehicles are:

  • Towing a trailer or caravan
  • Transporting bicycles on a bicycle carrier
  • Parcel services and other distribution vehicles
  • Service buses
  • Taxis and ambulances
  • Vans with a tailgate or truck mounted crane
  • Motorhomes
  • Alternative body types

Reinforced main springs and lift springs:

  • Always heavily loaded
  • Raising of chassis
  • Additional ground clearance

Lowering springs:

  • Lowering of the chassis
  • For sporty look and improved road holding

For more information, please check our product pages or view the catalogues.

What is the difference between auxiliary air suspension and full air suspension?

The auxiliary air suspension provides adjustable support in addition to the existing suspension of the vehicle. This is provided by two air springs. Depending on the vehicle, the air springs are placed on or next to the existing suspension system on the rear axle.

With full air suspension, on the other hand, the air springs replace the original main suspension of the vehicle. For the operation, there is a choice of several options, whereby the Air Master Ultimate completely relieves you of any worries. You set the desired ride height once via the height sensor and the system regulates itself - fully automatically. With the Air Master Ultimate, you choose optimal comfort, stability, convenience and safety.

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Which suspension system should I recommend to my customer?

Which suspension system do you choose? Every situation is unique. Therefore, make your choice on the basis of: the deployment of the vehicle, the loading situation and specific customer requirements. See the overviews below to quickly find the right solution. Can't work it out? Then please contact our Sales Support department.

Auxiliary springs (coil springs)

  • Offer constant support to the original suspension system
  • Prevent the rear of the vehicle from sagging
  • Improve comfort, stability and safety
  • Are easy to fit
  • Maintenance-free solution
  • Most economical solution
Keuzematrix suspension systems - coil suspension.png

Air suspension

  • Adjustable ride height and support, depending on the load
  • Choice of various control options
  • Offers maximum comfort and stability with varying loads
  • Leads to improved road holding and steering behaviour
  • Reduces the tilting of the vehicle
Keuzematrix suspension systems - air suspension.png

Fitting, manuals, factory approvals & TÜV certificates

How do I fit a suspension system?

For fitting the set, please refer to the manual provided or find the required manual online via our spring selector.

Do you have a question about fitting a suspension system? Then please contact us:
T +31 318 586 100

Where can I ask questions about the fitting of a suspension system

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the fitting of our suspension systems:
T +31 318 586 100

Do MAD suspension systems require maintenance?

All our spring systems are maintenance-free.

The air suspension system has a malfunction, what can I do?

For problems and their solutions, see the additional troubleshooting guide. This will help you find out, step by step, what the problem may be and how you can solve it.

Can't work it out? Then please contact us:
T +31 318 586 100

I have not received an instruction manual and/or a TÜV certificate, what can I do?

For questions about the manual and/o TÜV certificate, please contact us:

T +31 318 586 100


I can't find any suspension systems for a (recently launched) model, can you still provide them?

We offer suspension systems for almost all common models. It is possible that a suspension system is not (yet) listed in our catalogue or spring selector. Therefore, please contact us. We will be happy to check for you whether it is possible to supply suspension systems.

Contact details Sales Support
T +31 318 586 100

New car models

As soon as a new mainstream model becomes available, we start developing our suspension systems. Our Sales Support department will be happy to inform you about the possible availability of suspension systems for a new model.

How can I change or cancel an order I have placed?

To change the order, please contact the Sales Support department:
T +31 318 586 100


What transport options do you offer?

Delivery of goods by MAD is always "ex works". If it is agreed that MAD takes care of the transport, then the goods are always transported at the expense and risk of the buyer, regardless of delivery address.

We offer express shipments and groupage transport (via DHL/TNT). Groupage transport is sustainable, efficient and provides cost benefits.

Read our general sales conditions >

Can I change the delivery date?

To change the delivery date, please contact us:
T +31 318 586 100

How can I report delivery restrictions?

You can inform us of delivery details when placing the order. If there is any uncertainty about the delivery restrictions you have indicated, our Sales Support department will contact you.

A part is missing, what can I do?

Is a part of a suspension system missing or did we deliver a product incorrectly? Then please fill in the complaint form. You will receive a reply by e-mail from our Sales Support department by return of post.

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What can I do if the delivery is (partially) damaged?

Is the delivery (partially) damaged? Then please fill in the complaint form. You will receive a reply by email from our Sales Support department by return of post.

Please note that you need (a) photo(s) of the product to file this claim.

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What are MAD's General Terms and Conditions of Sale?

You can find our General Terms and Conditions of Sale online.

Read our general sales conditions >


Can I return a product or a shipment?

To return a product or shipment, please contact us.
T +31 318 586 100

A product was delivered damaged, what can I do?

Has a product been delivered damaged? Then please fill in the complaint form. You will receive a reply by email from our Sales Support department by return of post.

Please note that you need (a) photo(s) of the product to file this claim.

Go to the claim form >

Can I order additional or replacement parts?

All parts of our suspension systems are available separately.

For how long does MAD offer a warranty on suspension systems?

In our warranty conditions you can read, among other things, which warranty period we offer on our suspension systems.

Warranty conditions >

Is the manufacturer's warranty transferable to a new owner or vehicle?

The MAD factory warranty is non-transferable and therefore only applies to the first owner of the set.

Warranty conditions >

How can I submit a warranty request?

Fill in the warranty request form. You will receive a reply by e-mail from our Sales Support department within 2 working days.

Please note: to submit a warranty request, you will need a digital proof of purchase (PDF or photo) and photo(s) of the product. Read the warranty conditions here.

Go to the warranty request form >

After repair or replacement, does the customer keep his warranty rights?

After repair or replacement with a new product, the customer is still entitled to the remaining warranty period. Replacement or repair of a defective product or part thereof does not lead to an extension of the original warranty period.

Warranty conditions >

How can I report a complaint about a product or delivery?

We're sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with one of our products. In order to handle your complaint as well and as quickly as possible, we ask you to fill in our complaint form. You will then receive a reply by e-mail from our Sales Support department by return of post.

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MAD Partner Portal

For whom is the MAD Partner Portal available?

Are you a registered partner of MAD? Then you have access to our Partner Portal. You can access a wide range of valuable information, tools and sales and marketing materials through this portal.

Do you want more information about extranet? Contact us.
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For whom is the MAD Partner Portal available?

The MAD Partner Portal (extranet) is available to our customers. Don't have access yet? Please contact us
T +31 318 58 61 00

Where can I log in to the Partner Portal?

Go directly to the Partner Portal login.

Can my colleague also apply for an account?

It is possible to request multiple accounts per organisation. Do you want to request a new account? Then send a mail to with:

  • name
  • last name
  • position
  • e-mail address

Once we have received and approved the data, an e-mail with instructions on how to log in will be sent.

How can I report a change of e-mail address (username)?

To change your e-mail address and username, please contact our Sales Support department. We will then ensure that you can log in with your new e-mail address.

T +31 318 58 61 00

I forgot my password, what can I do?

Please enter your e-mail address on this page, and we will automatically send you an e-mail with instructions on how to reset your password.

Enter your email address on this page and we will automatically send you an email with instructions to reset your password.

Having problems logging in or setting your password? Please contact Sales Support:
T +31 318 58 61 00

I do not have access to everything within the Partner Portal, what should I do?

You get access within the Partner Portal for the product groups that are relevant to you. The product groups can be:

  • Suspension Systems
  • Loading Systems
  • Workshop Equipment

Is your access set up incorrectly? Please contact Sales Support to change the access:

T +31 318 58 61 00

How do I delete my MAD Partner Portal account?

It is possible to have your MAD Partner Portal account deleted. Please send an e-mail to

MAD general

Where is MAD located?

We are located in the Netherlands.

Wiltonstraat 53
3905 KW Veenendaal

What are MAD's opening hours?

We are open on working days. It is possible that we have different opening hours on public holidays.

Check our current opening hours here >

Can I park (for free) at MAD Veenendaal?

You can park for free. We have our own car park with ample parking space.