Lowering springs

Lowering springs

Instantly find the right lowering springs based on vehicle data.

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Lowering springs

Powerful, precise and pure sportiness!

With MAD lowering springs you create a sporty look and optimise the car's handling. Due to the lowered centre of gravity and shorter suspension travel, the car feels more direct and you have more feeling with the road. This also gives a more direct steering behaviour in bends.

You easily fit the lowering springs in combination with the original shock absorbers. A great set for those looking for sporty optimisation without high costs.

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Suitable for cars with suspension system type:
Coil springs

Lowering springs

Front a/o rear axle

Replace the original coil springs

Height difference:
On average 30 mm lower

Loading situation:
Normal use

Supplied as a complete set

Fitting time:
60 - 150 minutes

Most lowering sets are TÜV and GOCA approved. They thus meet the highest international automotive standards.

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MAD Lowering Springs

Discover all the advantages of our lowering kit

+ Creates a sporty appearance
+ Reduces the ride height by an average of 30 mm
+ Improves handling and stability
+ Reduces rolling in corners
+ Reduces sensitivity to crosswinds
+ Provides more direct steering behaviour
+ Easy to fit in combination with the original shock absorbers

Package includes

+ 2 or 4 lowering springs
+ Approval document (if applicable)

MAD lowering springs

Quality & certification

The assurance you have.

Most MAD Lowering Springs are GOCA and TÜV approved.

MAD Lowering Springs GOCA certified
MAD Lowering Springs TUV certified

What do you want to know about MAD Lowering Springs?

How many mm is the car lowered with MAD Lowering Springs?

The ride height is lowered by 30 mm on average with MAD Lowering springs. We state with each set how many millimetres the car is lowered on the front a/o rear axle.

Find a suspension system based on the vehicle data here.

Why is a certain type of suspension system not available?

Our suspension systems are custom-made and tested per vehicle. Has a car been introduced to the market fairly recently? Then the kit may still be under development. It may also happen that a suspension system is not possible from a technical point of view. In that case, we offer alternative suspension systems.

Want to check whether a set is in development or can still be developed? Then feel free to contact us:

Call + 31 318 58 61 00
Mail info@mad-automotive.com

Can I keep the original shock absorbers in combination with MAD Lowering Springs?

MAD Lowering springs are designed so that you can keep the original shock absorbers. It is possible to combine our springs with sport shock absorbers.

Does comfort decrease when using lowering springs?

When you lower a car, you reduce the suspension travel and always sacrifice on comfort. However, the question is what you experience as 'comfort'. For example, do you dislike a soft-suspension car? Then you may experience this as comfortable. This is because the driving characteristics improve considerably. You drive more stable with lowering springs. The car will roll less in crosswinds and in corners. Due to the lowered centre of gravity and shorter suspension travel, the car feels more direct and you have more feeling with the road.

Is it easy to fit lowering springs from MAD?

Our lowering springs can be fitted by a car mechanic.

Maximum protection

MAD Lowering Springs are made of high-quality chrome-silicon spring steel. All springs receive an anti-corrosion treatment and are then epoxied with the sporty red powder coating for beautiful and long-lasting corrosion-resistant protection.