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Improve driveability, comfort and road safety. Semi air suspension systems by MAD provide additional and adjustable support to the vehicle's original suspension system. The ride height is controllable with semi air suspension, making it ideal for use in various loading situations. Our wide product range makes it possible to choose the right suspension system to suit both the requirements of the driver(s) and the vehicle.

MAD Air Master Light - semi air suspension for coil suspension

Air Master Light

A simple solution to keep the vehicle at height with cargo. You put the air springs into the original coil springs and it is applied to vehicles that are occasionally loaded. The ride height is not affected when empty. A smart and compact semi air spring system for passenger cars and small vans.

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MAD Air Master Pro - semi air suspension for leaf springs

Air Master Pro

A powerful and flexible semi air suspension system for vehicles with leaf springs. You install the air springs on or next to the original suspension system. This set is available in 3 operating variants: Basic, Comfort or Automatic. So you can decide what suits the payload, driver(s) and passengers best.

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Go for supreme comfort

Air Master Pro Ultra

Semi air suspension

Innovative sleeve style airspring technology provides 30% comfort improvement over the original suspension system.

Especially developed for:
Fiat Ducato, Citroën Jumper, Peugeot Boxer and Opel Movano.

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Quality & certification

The assurance you have.

MAD EMC - Quality & certification semi air suspension

The electronic components of our air suspension systems are approved according to directive ECE R10.

MAD ESP - quality and certification semi air suspension

Our suspension systems comply with directive ECE R13.

MAD TUV NORD - quality and certification semi air suspension

MAD suspension systems are TÜV certified.

Development of air suspension systems from MAD

Semi air suspension made for the vehicle

All of MAD's suspension systems are developed for each vehicle and extensively tested. As a result, they always fit the vehicle perfectly. Thus, we guarantee the best quality, driving experience and safety.

Constant or varying loads

When driving with constant or varying payloads, you demand more from the suspension system. This is why MAD offers semi air suspension systems for different loading situations. This is how we provide maximum comfort, optimal driveability and a stable and safe vehicle in all conditions.

MAD Air suspension for light commercial vehicles, ambulances, rescue vehicles and fire trucks
MAD mounting air suspension

Easy installation: we help the mechanic to get started.

Our semi air suspension systems come complete and pre-assembled. This saves many installation hours and ultimately costs for the customer.

What do you want to know about semi air suspension?

What is the difference between semi air suspension and full air suspension?

Air suspension systems are used for heavy payloads, varying payloads, when extra comfort is required (passenger transport) or when the ride height must be adjustable. The difference between semi air suspension and full air suspension is that semi air suspension is an additional suspension system, next to or in the original suspension system, while full air suspension is or will be the basic suspension system. The difference between these systems:

Semi air suspension:
Semi air suspension is a system that is installed additionally to the existing suspension system of vehicles. In doing so, it also improves comfort and maintains optimum driving characteristics, which also contributes to safety. The air springs are installed in the original coil springs, or on or alongside the original leaf springs. They can be inflated manually or by using a compressor to adjust the vehicle's ride height. For operation, there is a choice between manual, with fill valves or a control panel, or automatic, with a sensor that automatically keeps the set ride height constant at all times. An additional advantage of semi air suspension is that the vehicle remains drivable in the event of a failure of the air suspension system.

Full air suspension:
Full air suspension is a more advanced suspension system. It is sometimes available factory-fitted, but can also be retrofitted, replacing the original coil or leaf spring system. This type of system is often used in passenger transport, ambulances and wheelchair transport vehicles. It provides supreme comfort for driver and passengers. You set the desired ride height once using the height sensor(s) and the system ensures that the vehicle remains at this ride height under all conditions - fully automatically. Optionally, it is possible to operate the system manually or add a low entry function. This allows the driver to manually control the ride height temporarily, making boarding easier or adjusting ground clearance (getting on/off ferries).

In short, semi air suspension is an additional suspension system that provides additional support to a vehicle's existing suspension system, while full air suspension performs the suspension function completely independently. Choosing the right system depends on the vehicle's technical capabilities, the original suspension system and the end user's needs and budget.

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Why is a certain type of suspension system not available?

Our suspension systems are developed and tested on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. Has a vehicle entered the market fairly recently? Then the set may still be under development. In addition, a suspension system may not be technically possible on a vehicle. In that case, we offer alternative suspension systems.

Want to check whether a set is under development or can still be developed? Then please contact us:

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When does a vehicle need a semi air suspension system?

Although manufacturers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles provide an excellent basis, sometimes that is not enough. Specific uses of a vehicle often require more from a vehicle's chassis, and this is when we provide the solution with our suspension systems. A vehicle may need semi air suspension in situations where the vehicle's original suspension is unable to provide stability, comfort and optimal driveability of the vehicle when loaded or to maintain the desired ride height. Here are some situations where MAD's semi air suspension may be useful:

  • Regular heavy loads
    If you plan to load the car heavily, such as with luggage, tools or construction materials, semi suspension can help compensate for the extra weight and thus keep the vehicle stable.
  • Trailer or caravan
    When towing a trailer, caravan, or due to other heavy payloads, the vehicle may sag backwards due to the extra weight. With semi suspension, you prevent the rear of the car from sagging too much. As a result, comfort, road holding and driveability remain optimal even when loaded.
  • Loading solutions: tail lift, truck-mounted crane, EasyLoad or racking
    When additional loading solutions are used, there will regularly be payloads that put additional stress on the original suspension system. Depending on the loading situation, semi air suspension can offer a solution.
  • Ride height
    Semi air suspension provides the ability to adjust the ride height. Thus, the ride height can be adjusted with additional payloads, or when driving on and off the ferry.
  • Comfort
    For a smooth and comfortable ride, the suspension system can be adjusted to compensate for road shocks and vibrations. Full air suspension, for example, is popular in passenger transport, and it protects the interior and cargo in case of vibrations/bumps.
  • Safety and stability
    Adding auxiliary suspension will improve the stability and driveability of the vehicle.

In addition to semi air suspension systems, we also offer other solutions that may be better suited to the situation, such as reinforced main springs or lift springs at the front:

  • Always heavily loaded situations
  • Extra ground clearance

Do you need advice on which suspension system best fits the vehicle and specific needs? Then get in touch with us:
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For which situations and vehicles is MAD's semi air suspension an option?

MAD develops semi air suspension systems for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and motor homes.

Examples of situations or vehicles include:

  • Use of roof box, tow bar box or bike carrier
  • Towing a trailer or caravan
  • Parcel services and other distribution vehicles
  • Vans with a tailgate, truck-mounted crane or EasyLoad
  • Service vans
  • Minibuses and cabs
  • Ambulances
  • Motorhomes
  • Alternative body types
What are the advantages of an semi air suspension system?

Semi air suspension systems by MAD offer the following benefits:

+ More ground clearance
+ Prevents sagging (static)
+ Prevents hanging crookedly when loaded unevenly (left/right)
+ Adjustable ride height (manual or automatic)
+ Prevents contact between the rear of the vehicle and the road surface (driving on/off ferries).
+ Prevents hitting the end stops of suspension system
+ Prevents bottoming out (drawbar/rear on speed bumps)
+ Reduces crosswind sensitivity and body roll when cornering
+ Improves road holding, stability and leads to more direct steering behavior
+ Optimum traction with front-wheel drive
+ Prevents swaying of trailer or caravan
+ Quick installation thanks to plug-and-play system
+ Reduces damage to the undercarriage
+ Contributes to safety
+ Long lifespan: metal parts are electrolytically galvanized

In addition, the Air Master Pro Ultra offers even more advantages:
+ Provides 30% comfort improvement over the original suspension
+ Achieves the comfort level of a full air suspension on the rear axle, for 50% of the price.

You can find the benefits for each semi air suspension system on the product pages.

Can I easily install an semi air suspension system made by MAD?

All of our suspension systems can be installed by a specialist. Our semi air suspension systems come complete and pre-assembled. This saves a lot of installation time.

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