Car transport

Car transport

Today's passenger cars have a low front to protect pedestrians in case of a collision. However this design feature makes it more difficult for car transporters and road assistance companies to load and unload these cars after an accident. Unless their car transport vehicle is equipped with our air suspension system.

MAD's auxiliary air suspension system makes it possible to lower the loading bed at the rear to reduce the angle of approach and avoid damage to the car that is to be loaded. And this system also counteracts the effects of sidewind and the extra weight when driving.

Would you like to know which kits we offer for your vehicle? Contact us, or use our spring selector. We recommend the following kits for the Renault Master:
Auxiliary springs product code HV-148130
Stronger ‘Heavy duty’ springs product code HV-148180
Reinforced main springs front product code HV-148178
Full air suspension MAD Air Master Comfort with control panel product code NR-147524-CS

Our suspension systems

The best solution for every situation. Discover our coil and air suspension systems.

  • hulp luchtveer wit_comp.png

    Semi air suspension

    Auxiliary air suspension systems provide additional and variable support to the original suspension system. The ride height is adjustable with auxiliary air suspension and is therefore ideal for use in various loading situations.
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  • volledige luchtvering wit_comp.png

    Full air suspension

    Our full air suspension replaces the vehicle's original suspension. The 'Air Master Ultimate' always keeps the vehicle - fully automatically - at the correct ride height, under all circumstances, regardless of the weight of the load.
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  • MAD_auxiliary_spring_comp.png

    Auxiliary springs

    Auxiliary springs are placed in or next to the original suspension system. They work above a certain load level, when the main spring can no longer cope on its own. The auxiliary springs then provide the necessary extra support.
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  • verhogingsveer wit_comp.png

    Reinforced main springs

    When the suspension system is constantly under heavy load, reinforced main springs or heavy duty springs are the solution. Especially when you always have a heavy load or drive a lot off-road.
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  • MAD - Suspension Systems - product - reinforced main spring - 540 x 250.png

    Lift springs

    Create greater ground clearance and a cooler look with MAD heightening springs. These springs are often used in special vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, trauma service vehicles and police vehicles.
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  • verlagingsveer rood wit_comp.png

    Lowering springs

    Powerful, precision and pure sportiness! With MAD lowering springs you create a sporty look and optimize the driving characteristics of the car.
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Fill in the vehicle data to find the available coil and air suspension systems. Find the best solution here and order from your car parts supplier.