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With our suspension systems, motorists and drivers enjoy optimum comfort and maximum control. Discover all the advantages of our suspension systems for the most diverse applications.

Suspension systems that go beyond the standard

We offer suspension solutions for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and special vehicles. MAD's coil and air suspension systems offer solutions for various applications. In specific situations, something extra is often required of a vehicle's suspension system. Our suspension systems ensure that comfort, driving characteristics and safety remain optimal in those circumstances. Whether it concerns a car with caravan, van, pick-up, camper, minibus or ambulance.

camper - suspension systems

Solutions for suspension problems

Van - MAD suspension systems

Vans and service vehicles

A heavily loaded service vehicle can be provided with more comfort, convenience and safety. Whether it concerns tools, goods or special emergency services. Choose coil springs or for more flexibility air suspension.

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Heavily loaded pick-up

Make the most of the space and advantages of a pick-up. Auxiliary springs provide more stability and comfort with regular heavy loads. And is the vehicle used in areas with unpaved roads? Bumps, hanging crooked or small blockages cause a lot of discomfort. The powerful (reinforced) main springs from MAD are the ideal solution.

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Pick-up - veersystemen
trailer - MAD suspension systems  bicycle carrier - MAD Suspension Systems

Trailer, luggage box or bicycle carrier

The extra weight of a trailer for a towbar quickly amounts to about 75 kilograms? You notice it in the suspension of the car, which sags behind much further than normal. Your grip on the road is less and your car feels unstable. Check our suspension system solutions.

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Traveling with a motorhome comes with challenges. What people often forget is the motorhome's suspension. When heavily loaded, it can sag at thresholds or high curbs. And when cornering, the vehicle can lean extra. Thanks to auxiliary springs, this is not a problem at all!

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Camper - veersystemen

Custom suspension systems

It is possible that our extensive program does not offer a solution in some situations. In those cases, MAD offers the option of developing a custom solution. Naturally, we respect the applicable laws and regulations.

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