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A coil or air suspension system from MAD provides your vehicle with the best support. The increased spring travel ensures maximum comfort in both loaded and unloaded situations. And with improved vehicle handling and stability, you maintain control of the vehicle.

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What problems can be solved with the right suspension systems?

A familiar situation: you are on your way to a beautiful destination of your choice. In your fully loaded car or motorhome you are enjoying the drive. Suddenly you feel that gust of wind or the suction effect when overtaking trucks. And when you drive over a speed bump, you feel how the motorhome sags and hits the road. Furthermore, your motorhome feels unstable as you drive through turns. That could be dangerous. The right suspension system from MAD makes your motorhome more stable. It drives better and more comfortably with the right springs.

You may recognize the following situations:

  • Insufficient suspension travel to absorb the irregularities of the road surface. As a result, the vehicle frequently slams on its bumpstops.
  • Unstable car handling (swaying), which increases in crosswinds.
  • Excessive tilting when cornering (body roll).
  • Increased driving and interior noises.
  • The rear of the vehicle hits the road surface when going up/down ramps, such as at a ferry, or speed bumps. This can cause damage to, for example, exhaust, tow bar, spare tire, or water tank (camper).

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Campervan or motorhome

Traveling with a campervan or motorhome comes with challenges. What people often forget is the motorhome's suspension. When heavily loaded, it can sag at thresholds or high curbs. And when cornering, the vehicle can lean extra. Thanks to our suspension system solutions, this is not a problem at all!

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Roofbox and bicycle holder towbar

Passenger car:
trailer, luggage box or bicycle carrier

The extra weight of a trailer for a towbar quickly amounts to about 75 kilograms? You notice it in the suspension of the car, which sags behind much further than normal. Your grip on the road is less and your car feels unstable. Check our suspension system solutions for passenger cars.

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Check the possibilities for your vehicle in the 'product finder' below. Your dealer or garage can mount our suspension systems. Contact your dealer/garage for a free quote including installation.



  • Optimal comfort in both loaded and unloaded due to the increased suspension travel.
  • Continuous and fully automatic ride height control with Air Master Ultimate.
  • A comfortable and relaxed drive for driver and passengers in all circumstances.


  • Optimal traction of front-wheel driven cars.
  • Less impact from side winds on the vehicle stability.
  • An appropriate suspension system leads to improved car handling in general.


  • MAD suspension systems have been approved by independent certifying bodies.
  • A constant towball height prevents a vehicle combination from swaying.
  • Optimal stability and road holding in different or changing conditions - both loaded and unloaded - increases safety for driver and passengers.

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