Reinforced main springs

Reinforced main springs

Instantly find the right reinforced main springs based on vehicle data.

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Reinforced main springs

MAD's reinforced main springs are ideal for use with a vehicle that is regularly or continuously loaded, as is often the case with light commercial vehicles. Thanks to these powerful coil springs, the vehicle maintains the ideal ride height and improves driveability and safety in loaded situations. As a result, the driver experiences optimum comfort.

Reinforced main springs are available if auxiliary springs are technically not possible. This occurs, for example, when the diameter of the original coil springs is too small, there is an end stop in the main spring, or when an auxiliary spring is not powerful enough.

MAD reinforced main springs, heavy duty
MAD reinforced main springs, heavy duty

Reinforced main springs are the ideal solution when the vehicle:

  • is occasionally or constantly heavily loaded
  • is too low when loaded, has too little ground clearance
  • sags, bottoms out or hits the end stops
  • is sensitive to side winds
  • rolls over when cornering
  • is unstable or sways when loaded
  • does not steer directly


Suspension system type:
Coil suspension

Reinforced main springs

Front e/o rear axle

Compatible with cars with type of suspension system:
Screw suspension

Replaces the original main coil springs.


  • Basic support: normal use, regularly varying payloads
  • Medium support: heavily loaded, possibly with minimum required payload weight
  • Maximum support: always heavily loaded, often from minimum required payload weight onwards


  • Supplied as a complete set, including mounting materials.


  • TÜV and RDW approved
  • Complies with ECE R13 directive (operation ABS/ESP)

Set contents:

  • 2 coil springs
  • Installation manual
  • Approval document
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MAD reinforced main springs - front axle

Reinforced main springs on front axle only

Does the vehicle hit the end stop of the main springs on the front axle? For example, at speed bumps or is the vehicle a bit 'directionless' at the front? Then reinforced front axle main springs are the solution. These reinforced springs combine well with reinforced main springs on the rear axle or, for example, in combination with auxiliary air suspension.

Discover all the benefits of reinforced main springs

+ More ground clearance
+ Prevents sagging (static)
+ Prevents contact between the rear of the vehicle and the road surface (driving on/off ferries)
+ Prevents hitting the end stops of the suspension system
+ Prevents bottoming out (tow bar/rear end on speed bumps)
+ Reduces crosswind sensitivity and body roll when cornering
+ Improves road holding, stability and leads to more direct steering behaviour
+ Optimum traction with front-wheel drive
+ Prevents trailer or caravan swaying
+ Easy and quick to fit
+ Ideal when several drivers are involved
+ Reduces damage to the undercarriage
+ Contributes to safety
+ Long lifespan: metal parts are electrolytically galvanised
+ High-grade corrosion protection thanks to phosphating and epoxy coating

MAD Reinforced main springs - heavy duty - system
MAD Reinforced main springs - heavy duty - system - quality

Extra powerful reinforced main springs

When you drive with a heavy payload, you demand more from the suspension system. That's why MAD offers reinforced main springs for different payload situations. For many vehicles, you can choose from basic support, medium support or maximum support. This is how we offer maximum comfort, control and safety.

All MAD coil spring systems are custom-made and extensively tested. As a result, they always fit the vehicle perfectly. This is how we guarantee the best quality.

Quality & certification

The assurance you have.


Our suspension systems comply with directive ECE R13 (operation ABS/ESP).

TUV gecertificeerd

Coil spring systems from MAD are TÜV certified.

What do you want to know about reinforced main springs?

How do reinforced main springs operate?

Many passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and motorhomes are built for "normal" use. They are calculated for passenger transport and average payloads. However: in practice, we often make optimal use of the available space and do not take the extra payload into account.

Reinforced main springs are used for vehicles that are regularly or constantly heavily loaded. For example, on a service vehicle or rescue vehicle. Reinforced main springs are available if auxiliary springs are technically not possible. This occurs, for example, when the diameter of the original coil springs is too small, there is an end stop in the main spring, or when an auxiliary spring is not powerful enough.

This is how reinforced main springs generally work:

  1. Installation
    Reinforced main springs replace the vehicle's existing coil springs. These springs usually have a larger wire diameter and/or more windings than the original springs, resulting in a higher spring rate. This means the springs provide more force to keep the vehicle level up.
  2. Increasing ride height
    When reinforced main springs are installed, the vehicle will be higher off the ground. This provides extra ground clearance, making it easier for the vehicle to pass obstacles with no or less damage to the vehicle's undercarriage.
  3. Improved off-road performance
    Increasing the ride height with reinforced main springs can improve a vehicle's off-road performance. It provides more room under the vehicle for rocks, muddy terrain and other challenging conditions.
  4. Adjustment to load
    Medium support and maximum support reinforced main springs are available for some models. This can be useful for vehicles that are heavily loaded.

Reinforced main or auxiliary springs are relatively inexpensive compared to other solutions for heavy payloads. Installing the springs is done in no time.

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When does a car need reinforced main springs?

Although manufacturers of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles provide excellent bases, sometimes this is not enough. A vehicle may need reinforced main springs in situations where the standard suspension is not sufficient to keep the loaded vehicle at the desired, safe ride height. Here are some situations where reinforced main springs (coil or air suspension) by MAD can be useful:

  • Heavy payload
    If you plan to load the van or light commercial vehicle with heavy items, such as tools or construction materials, reinforced main springs can help distribute the extra weight more evenly and keep the vehicle stable.
  • Loading solutions: tail lift, truck-mounted crane, EasyLoad or racking
    When additional loading solutions are used, there will regularly be payloads that put extra strain on the original suspension system. Depending on the payload situation, auxiliary springs or reinforced main springs can offer a solution.
  • Ride height
    Auxiliary springs of reinforced main springs are used to maintain the desired height, even with additional payload.
  • Safety and stability
    Reinforced main springs can improve the stability and driveability of the vehicle.

Examples of services with adapted suspension system:

  • Parcel services and other distribution vehicles
  • Delivery vans (with a tail lift, truck-mounted crane or EasyLoad)
  • Service van
  • Pick-up truck
  • Fire fighting and rescue vehicles
  • Motorhomes

Do you need advice on which suspension system best matches the vehicle and specific needs? Then get in touch with us:
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Why is a certain type of suspension system not available?

Our suspension systems are developed and tested on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. Has a vehicle entered the market fairly recently? Then the set may still be under development. In addition, a suspension system may not be technically possible on a vehicle. In that case, we offer alternative suspension systems.

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Can I easily install reinforced main springs by MAD?

Our suspension systems can all be installed by a specialist. Our reinforced main springs come complete.

Maximum protection

MAD reinforced main springs are made of high-quality chrome-silicon spring steel. All springs receive an anti-corrosion treatment and are then epoxied with the characteristic blue powder coating for beautiful and long-lasting corrosion-resistant protection.