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At MAD, comfort, control and safety are important aspects that guide the solutions we provide. Together with you, our specialists look at what best suits your issue.

A custom coil or air suspension system

Sustainability and safety are important aspects for a large fleet. It is possible that our extensive program of suspension systems does not offer a solution in some situations. In those cases, MAD therefore offers the option of developing a customized solution in collaboration with the fleet owner and the conversion company. For example, it is possible to exactly compensate for the weight of the load or to create more ground clearance. Naturally, we respect the guidelines of vehicle manufacturers and applicable laws and regulations.

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Customised solutions suspension systems

Knowledge and expertise

Our experienced product engineers develop solutions that meet international automotive standards in close collaboration with our partners. In addition, our business processes are certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and TÜV and EU 2018/858 guidelines. With this we guarantee the highest quality.

Let's work together

Whether you're seeking help for a single project or looking for a long-term partnership, MAD has the resources and expertise you need to create the right suspension system.

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