Pick up Mitsubishi Triton - L200 - Strada: lift springs for mobile workshop fleet Indonesia

Special project: lift springs for a mobile workshop service car fleet in Indonesia on Mitsubishi Triton - Strada - L200

In cooperation with Mitsubishi Distributor of Indonesia Sarana Putra Kencana arranged service in the countryside with a mobile service system.

They use the Pick up Mitsubishi Triton (Strada - L200) with a MAD Lift spring kit at the front & rear to compensate the load.
Enough ground clearance
An important advantage of lift springs is the extra ground clearance. Which makes it much easier to visit all places on the countryside of Indonesia. It prevents damage at the undersite of the car.

Our partner Sarana Puntra Kencana quotes:
‘Our Mitsubishi Triton mobile workshop service car fleet are all equipped with MAD Supsension Systems.
This system uses an additional spring set on the rear without taking out the original suspension system. Since, the equipment carried and the rear body are heavier, it is important to make sure that the vehicle is not nose up and stable. The springs we use can support up to additional 350kg weight.’

Lift Springs | Front & Rear kit for Mitsubishi Triton (L200)

The comfort solution! More ground clearance - support up to additional 350 kg weight MAD partnumber: HV-104401