Motorhome air suspension systems Adria

Motorhome air suspension


"The motorhome is simply unrecognizable."

Motorhome: Adria
Previous problem: too low in the front and tilting to much when driving in curves.

After mounting the springs, what is your experience when driving on highways / at a higher speed / bumpy roads / speed bumps?
I have driven it a lot after mounting the springs. I was travelling for four weeks and the car is much steadier. It is much less impact in the car on bumpy roads, speed bumps etc.

Any improvements when it comes to rocking/swaying when the motorhome is standing still?
The motorhome is also steadier when parked. It was raised 5 cm in the front and 3 cm in the back. It was positive, as our car was a bit low in the front. We always had to use level blocks before, which is not as necessary now.

What has been particularly positive?
I was in Germany this summer and drove a lot on country road and highway, as well as the Autobahn. On all types of roads, the car was better than before.

Any negative experiences?
I am simply very satisfied with this product.

Would you recommend the product if the finish price is about €1100?
I think that €1100 is an acceptable finish price.

Where did you drive the motorhome after mounting the MAD springs?
Last weekend we drove from Jæren til Sauda, where the road is narrow and winding. I noticed to my wife that the car was incredibly steady.



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